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Selected Poems

Chicago Reader: At the Chicago Marathon

Hooligan Magazine: I Don't Want a Trans President 

Lambda Literary: City of Trans Liberation 

The Offing: Someone Else Entirely 

PBS Newshour: The Plural, The Blurring

Queer Poem-a-Day: Prayer for My Trans Siblings

The Rumpus: All the Missing Sweetness & Trans Day of Revenge 

Split This Rock: Every Day is a Trans Day

Tinderbox: Intensive Care 


Vida Review: Dysphoria is Not My Name


Selected Essays, Reviews, and Interviews

Apartment Therapy: We Belong Here: Transforming Your Home Into a Place of Healing 

Chicago Artist Writers: Lost & Found: Chicago's Dyke History

Chicago Reader: Owen Daniel-McCarter Looks Back on a Decade of Organizing in Chicago 

F Newsmagazine: Chicago Hosts the Trans 100

Gapers BlockI Grew Up in a Big Ol' Gay Disco: an Interview with Oli Rodriguez


In These Times: Why Black Queer Activists Engaged in Civil Disobedience at Chicago Gay Pride Parade


Lambda Literary: Memory Palaces by Edie Fake 

Them: Is Trans Liberation Possible at a Feminist Bookstore?

Windy City Times: The Loss of Queer Space: Parlour on Clark

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