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There are trans people here in the past, the present, and the future.

H. Melt’s writing centers the deep care, love, and joy within trans communities. This poetry collection describes moments of resistance in queer and trans history as catalysts

for movements today. It honors trans ancestors and contemporary activists, artists, and writers fighting for trans liberation. There Are Trans People Here is a testament to the healing power of community and

the beauty of trans people, history, and culture.

How do you imagine trans liberation

while living in a cis world? On My  Way To Liberation follows a gender nonconforming body moving through the streets of Chicago. From the sex shop to the farmers market, the family dinner table to the bookstore, trans people are everywhere, though often erased. Writing towards a trans future, H. Melt envisions a world where trans people are respected, loved and celebrated every day.

Subject to Change is an anthology celebrating the work of five poets who are unapologetically trans: Joshua Jennifer Espinoza, Christopher Soto, beyza ozer, Cameron Awkward-Rich, and Kay Ulanday Barrett. Featuring poetry and interviews, this collection is a testament to the power of trans poets speaking to one another. This anthology includes a range of trans experiences and poetics, expanding the possibilities of what it means to be both trans and a writer in the twenty-first century.

The Plural, The Blurring is a collection of poems and essays that critically celebrate Chicago’s queer and trans communities. This book is one of the first to focus on Chicago from a trans perspective and looks intimately at the lives of artists, writers, and activists. 

The Plural, The Blurring dramatically shifts away from normative trans narratives and the call for assimilation from the mainstream LGBT movement. Instead, it carves out a pathway in the field of transgender literature that is personal and political, combining the traditions of both queer and Chicago writing. 

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