"H. Melt comes through the VS studio for a wonderful conversation about their work, how they build trans futures through rereading their past, and the paths they’re taking on their way to liberation"


"It’s not enough to read books by marginalized writers. You have to find ways of supporting people and actively showing that you care about them in your everyday life."

"Queer spaces can be anywhere. They can be in your backyard. They can be on your bookshelf. They can be wherever you are. Even somewhere as simple as in a letter to a pen pal. Queer spaces don’t have to be in a club or bar."

"One of the things that I’m interested in doing is breaking down these ideas of what the queer community looks like, what and who trans people are, what the definition of a trans person is."

"The Chicago poet’s first full-length collection, The Plural, The Blurring, is a deeply generous offering that will especially encourage any fellow writers who have felt marginalized to continue to find their voice, nurture it, and seek out others who will join in that struggle." -Mitch Kellaway for Lambda Literary

"I think it's important to write about being trans, especially from a non-binary and queer perspective. So much of the information about trans people out there is focused on medical transition. I'm interested in reading and writing trans stories that explore the wholeness and complexity of our lives."

"Clearly, many bridges remain unbuilt, within the queer community and in the city at large. Melt’s collage of a Chicago trans experience should take on archival resonance in the decades to come, marking how far we have or haven’t progressed."

- Daphne Sidor

"A prolific visual artist and transqueer poet, H.Melt is a crucial voice in Chicago's queer poetry scene."

-Nico Lang

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